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GULTEKIN PLASTIK was established in 1963 by Mr. Mehmet Bahattin GULTEKIN in Tahtakale /Istanbul.

It has started its commercial life as a manufacturer of irrigation hoses. GULTEKIN PLASTIK has been following the advancing technology and evolving industry.

GULTEKIN PLASTIK constantly evolving with the plastic industry in recent years, by using variety of engineering plastics, we can offer many solutions to suit the needs of the sector, especially polyamide, polyethylene and polyurethane.

GULTEKIN PLASTIK has a mission of satisfying customers by any aspect of sales and after-sales technical support sets a target of continuous improvement and being a leader in its sector of industry, in addition to all has organized accordingly to offer the customers, top quality products and best price in the market.

GULTEKIN PLASTIK, in the 2000’s as a result of this awareness, has received the GAPEX branding and quality certifications of ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 and produces by following the developing technology.

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